Root Canal Treatments in Calgary, Alberta

Pain is an indicator of nature that says there is something wrong with your tooth. You can prevent dental infection by maintaining proper oral hygiene routine and visiting a dental office at least once in a year. When oral care is ignored, you are at higher risk of tooth decay, which is one of the common causes for toothache. It is important for a person to visit a dental practice when you experience pain or tooth sensitivity, since these conditions may indicate inflammation or infection. Root canal is one of the treatment procedures we perform at our Calgary office to protect natural teeth and create a healthy smile for our patients. The treatment is performed with the help of local anesthesia and hence it is painless. Do you have a query about root canal therapy? Make an appointment and meet our dentist to get your answers.

When is root canal therapy essential?

To understand the need for root canal therapy, one should know the anatomy of tooth. The enamel is the top most layer of the tooth which is made of one of the hardest substances of nature. There is dentin and the pulp under the enamel layer. The pulp chamber is a confined space consisting of nerves and blood vessels which supply nutrition to the tooth. The pulp is responsible for the healthy growth of the tooth. Once a tooth is fully grown, it can survive without a pulp by accepting nutrition from the supporting structure.

A broken tooth or severely decayed tooth may have an opening that gives bacteria the access to the pulp of the tooth. Once the bacteria come in contact with the pulp, inflammation and infection occurs. This can cause toothache and lead to the death of the pulp. A dentist performs a thorough check of the tooth before letting patients know if a root canal therapy has to be performed. Following are some of the cases where root canal may be recommended.

  • Tooth that has been repeatedly restored
  • A tooth with a deep cavity
  • Tooth that has a crack that extends up to the pulp

It is important to note that the treatment is performed only when the pulp is infected. The treatment is performed to avoid the infection from spreading to the root and hence to the supporting structure.

How is Root Canal Treatment Performed in Calgary?

Root canal therapy involves removal of the infected pulp from the root chamber of the tooth and filling it with appropriate restorative materials so as to seal the root from food debris and bacteria. Our dentist firstly makes a note of the symptoms and performs dental examination. We may use X-rays to find out if the pulp of the tooth is infected. On confirmation that a root canal has to be performed, our dentist starts by numbing the tooth using local anesthesia. Using a rubber dam, the tooth is isolated from the surrounding teeth. The tooth is then dried and an opening is made at the top of it. The opening is used to remove the infected pulp. Once the pulp is removed the root canal chamber is cleaned using dental file and anti-bacterial agent is used to kill any remaining bacteria. The root is then sealed using appropriate material and the tooth is filled using dental fillings. The treatment is completed by preparing the tooth and bonding a crown over it. The crown protects the weak tooth from bite forces.


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