Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

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None of us are blessed with perfect white pearly teeth. While there are many treatment options that can help treat teeth aesthetic concerns for a long time braces were the only option to crooked, misaligned teeth with braces. However, with the advancement of dentistry people can treat misaligned crooked teeth with invisible braces called Invisalign. Our Calgary Dentist Dr. Mahsa Rostami provides Invisalign treatment in Calgary, AB

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign in Calgary AB is a cosmetic dentistry alternative for traditional metal braces. These are basically a set of plastic clear aligner’s tray that is used throughout the procedure. Since these aligners are transparent it is hardly noticeable by others.

Some of the aesthetic concerns treated by Invisalign procedure in Calgary AB are:

  1. Crooked Teeth
  2. Overlapped Teeth
  3. Space between your teeth
  4. A misaligned bite

However, our Calgary Dentist Dr. Mahsa Rostami will analyze the shape and appearance of your teeth before recommending any course of dental procedures

How Does Invisalign work?

Once considered suitable for Invisalign procedure Dr. Mahsa Rostami will explain the goals that can be expected and achieved at the end of Invisalign Treatment. To begin with the procedure firstly someone from our team at DQS Dental Care will take the impressions of your teeth as this will help our team to create a perfectly made custom fit the clear correct braces catering to the needs of your mouth. Once the trays are ready you need to wear the aligners for a duration of two weeks for at least 22 hours a day after which you need to wear the next set. However, Dr. Mahsa will schedule your appointment to check the progress of Invisalign Treatment

Benefits of Invisalign:

Some of the major Benefits of Invisalign in comparison to the traditional braces are the invisible nature of these Invisalign trays and also the shorter duration of the treatment procedure. Some other benefits are:

  1. Eating your favorite food without restriction as you will be able to remove your Invisalign while having your food
  2. Easier to maintain good oral hygiene like brushing and flossing
  3. You can continue with your day to day activities like sports, music and other activities with no damage to the aligners

To find out if you are a right candidate for Invisalign or what Invisalign in Calgary, AB can do for you contact us at 403-686-2225. Dr. Mahsa Rostami serves all people residing in Calgary and other neighboring communities.


I visited DQS last week and I have to say this was the most amazing experience I had in a dental office. Dr.Rostami really took her time and explained to me everything related to the health of my teeth and gums. She did not push me toward any treatment but gave me all the information I needed to make the correct decision. Staff was friendly and you could see everyone was enjoying their job. I really recommond this office to anyone who wants an HONEST and HIGHLY Trained dentist." Shawn Turner
I visited Dr. Rostami last month, after seeing several dentists and receiving outrageous quotes and recommendations for extra work that I didn't feel I needed. Dr. Rostami knew exactly what my issue was and gave me a very reasonable good quote. She was very professional and made the process easy and painless! Thanks to the great staff for the wonderful experience." Sevda Az
I went back to this office for my annual check up and few fillings. The new dentist is very thorough and caring. I appreciate the follow up calls to see how if I had any concern. Great service and friendly environment. Highly recommend it to my family and friends." Mike M
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