Dental Treatment On An Emergency Basis

A dental emergency can come up at any point in time. A dental emergency can be Toothache, Removal of impacted teeth, Root canal, Tooth extraction, or Wisdom tooth extraction. Our expertise emergency dental team at DQS Dental Care in Calgary, AB will take a better care of your oral health.

Before starting with emergency dental treatment, all necessary care will be taken like health condition of the patient, oral health of the patient. Health history of the patient is very important before performing any of the emergency dental treatment.


A toothache is a pain on or around the tooth which may be caused by one of the below conditions.

  • Tooth Decay
  • Abscessed tooth
  • Infected Gums
  • Damaged fillings

A prevention of a toothache can be achieved by the better oral hygiene and a better oral care like brushing teeth daily twice, flossing daily, rinsing mouth with a fluoridated mouthwash. Addition to this regular dental twice a year for professional cleaning is highly recommended. Eat hygiene foods with low sugar.

Removal of impacted teeth/ Wisdom tooth extraction:

Wisdom tooth is the tooth last to erupt. They usually erupt between the ages 17 and 25. If wisdom tooth or third molar tooth is impacted, then it must be extracted. Few symptoms of impacted molar tooth are:

  • Jaw Pain
  • Swollen, red, tender or bleeding gums
  • Swelling near jaw
  • Bad breath
  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth near the affected area
  • Headache or jaw ache
  • Occasional difficulty opening the mouth
  • Occasional swollen lymph nodes in the neck

Wisdom tooth extraction will be done by giving local anesthesia based on patient health condition and preference.

Root Canal Treatment

A damaged tooth caused due to various reasons and decayed tooth too must undergo root canal treatment. When the tooth gets damaged or decayed, nerves inside the tooth will be damaged. Those damaged nerves/pulp must be removed. After the process of cleaning or disinfection is done, the tooth will be filled and sealed and a crown is placed over it.

Tooth extraction:

The removal of a tooth from its jaw is called Tooth Extraction. If a tooth was broken, damaged due to decay or damaged due to gum diseases, our Emergency Dentist in Calgary Dr. Masha Rostami will try to fix it by taking all the necessary measures like filling, crowns or other restoration methods. If the case is worse, then it has to be removed.

Few tooth extraction are done due to:
  • Extra tooth growth
  • Baby teeth don't fall out to allow space for permanent tooth
  • While putting braces, teeth need to be removed to make space for the crowded teeth to move
  • Cancer medication may make infected tooth weaken and needs to be removed

If you are facing any Dental issues, let our Emergency Dentist in Calgary Alberta. She can recommend what form of dental treatment is right for you. Call us to learn more or to meet our Emergency Dental treatments located in Calgary Alberta.


I visited DQS last week and I have to say this was the most amazing experience I had in a dental office. Dr.Rostami really took her time and explained to me everything related to the health of my teeth and gums. She did not push me toward any treatment but gave me all the information I needed to make the correct decision. Staff was friendly and you could see everyone was enjoying their job. I really recommond this office to anyone who wants an HONEST and HIGHLY Trained dentist." Shawn Turner
I visited Dr. Rostami last month, after seeing several dentists and receiving outrageous quotes and recommendations for extra work that I didn't feel I needed. Dr. Rostami knew exactly what my issue was and gave me a very reasonable good quote. She was very professional and made the process easy and painless! Thanks to the great staff for the wonderful experience." Sevda Az
I went back to this office for my annual check up and few fillings. The new dentist is very thorough and caring. I appreciate the follow up calls to see how if I had any concern. Great service and friendly environment. Highly recommend it to my family and friends." Mike M
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