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Tooth loss is one of the common dental problems faced by the people of Canada. With change in lifestyle and food habits, there is increase in risk of dental problems among the people today. Studies have shown that there has been a drastic change in the amount of sugar intake in recent times which is one of the major contributors for dental problems. Other reasons for tooth loss include improper maintenance of oral hygiene and lack of necessary oral care. Among the different types of tooth restorations that are developed to replace lost tooth, Dental Implant Calgary still holds a paramount place because of its functional advantages and longevity. Implant restorations are designed to be stable and to last forever. At our dental office in Calgary our dentist replaces lost tooth through dental implant surgeries. Dr. Rostami is known for her exceptional knowledge, skills and gentle care. Our compassionate treatment can help you or any of your family members achieve good oral health. If you are planning to replace a lost tooth, make an appointment and visit our dental office. our oral care can bring a healthy smile in you.

Tooth loss and its dangers

We get two sets of teeth during our lifetime. The first set of teeth is the baby teeth which fall out and are replaced by permanent teeth as we grow up. When an adult tooth is lost there is a structural and functional gap created in the oral cavity. The tooth may be lost because of decay, periodontal disease, accidental injury or any other problem, but the aftereffects remain the same.

  • Tooth loss creates a functional deficiency in the oral cavity because of which the patient may chew food on the other side of his/her mouth
  • Tooth loss can cause increased food lodgment in the gap which increases the risk of periodontal problems
  • Tooth loss creates a gap and the nearby teeth may get shifted towards the empty space leading to orthodontic problems
  • Tooth loss can cause bone resorption
  • Tooth loss can affect speech

When a tooth is lost because of periodontal disease or tooth decay, dentist needs to take immediate steps to see that the infection is not spread to supporting structure and the surrounding soft and hard tissues are not affected.

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental Implant Calgary is an artificial tooth root that acts as a foundation to ental restoration that replaces lost tooth /teeth. Dental implants are made of titanium or zirconium. At our dental office, we use Nobel Biocare implants to replace lost teeth in our patients. Our implant surgeries have been successful and our restorations have helped our patients greatly in improving their biting and chewing functions. If you have a query regarding implant surgery, come and speak to our dentist who can tell you how implant restoration can contribute towards improving your oral health.

Dental Implant Surgical Procedure

When you visit our Calgary office to get your missing tooth/teeth replaced, our dentist firstly performs a comprehensive examination to check the status of your oral health. Patients should be free from gum disease when undergoing dental implant surgery. Through X-rays, we check if there is sufficient supporting bone to hold the implant. If there is insufficient supporting bone, bone grafting procedure may have to be performed to rebuild the lost bone structure. The entire process of replacing lost tooth using dental implant in this case may be one year. Our dentist asks questions related to the medical history of the patient. On confirmation that a dental implant surgery can be performed, the treatment plan is set and explained to patient.

Dental Implant Calgary surgery is performed with the help of local anesthesia. An incision is made in the gums and a series of drills are used to create a bony recess. Dental implant is torqued in position and an implant cap is placed over it. The gums are sutured back after implant placement. The surgical site is left to heal for next few months during which the restoration integrates with the supporting bone structure.

After the healing period, our dentist checks for completion of Osseointegration (integration of the implant with the bone). On confirmation of Osseointegration, we take impressions of teeth and get a dental crown fabricated from the lab. The implant cap is removed and an abutment is fixed over the implant. The crown is checked for fit and is bonded over the abutment to complete the restoration procedure. Our team explains patients how to take care of the implanted tooth to ensure long-life.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any age restriction to undergo Dental Implants Surgery?

Dental Implant procedure at DQS Dental Care can be undertaken at any age as long as you meet the criteria's evaluated and set by our dentist for healthy and successful Dental Implants

Ignoring missing teeth will cause the other adjacent teeth to shift causing poor bite. Also missing teeth will cause chewing problems and your face will not look pleasing as it will look more aged. Dental Implants Calgary restores missing teeth and provides functionality and appearance of your natural teeth.

No, the procedure is not very painful it is usually done under local anesthesia in your dentist’s office. Once the anesthesia takes effect, you might feel a bit of discomfort, but your dentist will be able to help you deal with the discomfort.

The time duration of Dental Implant generally depends on the types of the implants and the complication of the case, but simple, uncomplicated dental implant placement usually takes less than an hour.

Once a Dental Implant has been successfully fused to the bone and it is functional, it should last many years with proper care and periodic monitoring.

It is generally important to avoid exposing any recent surgical site in the mouth to food if possible. A good rule of thumb is to eat soft, nutritious foods and keep yourself well hydrated.

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I visited DQS last week and I have to say this was the most amazing experience I had in a dental office. Dr.Rostami really took her time and explained to me everything related to the health of my teeth and gums. She did not push me toward any treatment but gave me all the information I needed to make the correct decision. Staff was friendly and you could see everyone was enjoying their job. I really recommond this office to anyone who wants an HONEST and HIGHLY Trained dentist." Shawn Turner
I visited Dr. Rostami last month, after seeing several dentists and receiving outrageous quotes and recommendations for extra work that I didn't feel I needed. Dr. Rostami knew exactly what my issue was and gave me a very reasonable good quote. She was very professional and made the process easy and painless! Thanks to the great staff for the wonderful experience." Sevda Az
I went back to this office for my annual check up and few fillings. The new dentist is very thorough and caring. I appreciate the follow up calls to see how if I had any concern. Great service and friendly environment. Highly recommend it to my family and friends." Mike M
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