Dental Implants in Calgary for Diabetic patients

Dental Implants Calgary is one of the most options after the dental procedure to overcome your missing permanent tooth. this procedure is best suited to all individuals who meet the required health criteria to undergo an implant surgery.

Fulfilling health criteria before undergoing a Dental Implants Calgary procedure is important because patients suffering from diabetics may have certain increased risks associated with dental implants treatment.

Saying that, all the patients who are suffering from diabetics are considered unfit for dental implants procedures. Most of them are considered as a suitable candidate for dental implants, but several factors need to be considered and analyzed by your dentist before undergoing implants surgery.

Diabetic Patients – How can it pose as potential risks for dental implants?

Gum disease is one of the major concerns that prevent diabetic patients from getting implants done. Patients suffering from diabetics are more likely to suffer from gum disease in comparison to people who do not have diabetics. If you plan to get dental implants calgary procedure at an earlier stage you would probably not face any significant complications during your dental implant surgery. however, the more advanced stages of gum disease cause a condition in which the recession of gums takes place; this condition is known as periodontitis. a person suffering from periodontitis may experience tooth loss and his bone density may not be considered healthy or sufficient to undergo a dental implants calgary procedure. patients with diabetics will not be able to get their dental implants when they no longer show the symptoms of gum disease, but the presence of diabetics can increase the chances of infection after the surgery.

Diabetic Patients and Dental Implants:

Dental Implants Calgary can still be a best suitable option for you when you are suffering from diabetics, however, many factors need to be considered and discussed with your dentist. Some of which factors are the diabetic history, types of diabetics and the duration of the disease are the big factors. When it comes to the types of diabetics type 2 diabetics are more controllable so getting implants for patients suffering from type 2 is less risky in comparison to patients with type 1 diabetics. Similarly, patients recently diagnosed with diabetics are a better candidate when compared to patients suffering from diabetics from a long duration.

A copy of your past medical or health history plays a major role in determining if you can undergo dental implants Calgary surgery. If you had successful oral surgery in the past then you have a higher chance of you can have successful surgery this time as well. Patients suffering from diabetics often require a longer duration to heal than compared to other healthy patients

Talk to our dentist:

If you are keen to undertake a dental implant surgery in Calgary and if you are still not sure if you are the right candidate because of diabetics or health conditions then our Calgary Dentist is the best source to confirm it. Our Dentist will evaluate your entire health situation and will be able to determine the type of dental implants treatment procedure that are best suited for you that will be rest assured the least risk of infection or other problems. Speaking to our dentist will be able to take the best decision for you.


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