Bone Grafting in Calgary, Alberta

When you have lost a tooth for long, the supporting bone structure that is underneath the missing tooth shrinks. This is a natural process of bone resorption that takes place due to lack of stimulation from the tooth. Replacing a lost tooth with a dental implant requires healthy supporting bone structure and bone grafting is a process that is carried out to rebuild the lost jawbone using appropriate materials. There are various ways in which the lost bone can be rebuilt. Are you planning to replace your lost tooth with a dental implant? Visit our office and meet our team. We perform comprehensive dental examination to let you know if you have sufficient bone to hold an implant. Our bone grafting and dental implant surgeries have brought healthy smiles in many patients of Calgary and surrounding communities. Call us to make an appointment and meet our dentist.

When is Bone Grafting necessary?

The jawbone that supports your teeth receives stimulation from teeth in the form of bite forces. This stimulation maintains the shape of your jawbone which holds your teeth in place. When a tooth is lost, the supporting bone underneath it recognizes no purpose and starts to shrink over a span of time. People who have lost few teeth look old because of the lack of support to their facial muscles which leads to sagging of facial skin. Bone grafting process is recommended when a implant dentist finds out that there is insufficient bone width or length to hold a dental implant. The success of the dental implant surgery and the life of the restoration depend greatly on jawbone health.

Bone grafting may also be done when an upper tooth that is close to the sinus membrane goes missing. This procedure creates a proper foundation where the implant can be inserted successfully.

How is Bone Grafting carried out?

When you visit our office to get your lost tooth replaced using a dental implant, Dr. Rostami checks the status of the supporting bone using dental X-rays and lets you know about the feasibility of the restoration procedure based on the length, width and quality of the bone. Bone augmentation or bone grafting, as it is commonly known, is recommended when it is found that there is insufficient length or width of the bone remaining. There are various ways in which the bone can be rebuilt.

Socket grafting is a type of bone rebuilding process which is done soon after tooth extraction. When a tooth is extracted, the socket remains empty and needs to be filled with appropriate materials. Socket grafting ensures that the empty space is filled and a good foundation is created for placing an implant after tooth extraction process.

When there is little bone lost from resorption, it can be recreated with the help of powdered bone graft material. The bone graft material is filled in the area and membrane is used to cover the area. The membrane integrates with the bone over a span of time.

When there is more bone missing, our dentist may choose to replace it with a block that is held in place using titanium screws. The block is left to heal for few months after which the screws are removed. By then the block would have become an integral part of the bone.

Sinus graft is a process of creating a healthy foundation for an implant that replaces an upper tooth. The procedure involves making an opening in the bone and moving the sinus membrane to fill the area with bone graft material. The site is left to heal for few months after which a healthy foundation is ready for the placement of implant.

All the above procedures are done with the help of local anesthesia and are painless. With proper care, the bone heals in a span of few months after which our dentist performs a check before going ahead with dental implant surgery.


I visited DQS last week and I have to say this was the most amazing experience I had in a dental office. Dr.Rostami really took her time and explained to me everything related to the health of my teeth and gums. She did not push me toward any treatment but gave me all the information I needed to make the correct decision. Staff was friendly and you could see everyone was enjoying their job. I really recommond this office to anyone who wants an HONEST and HIGHLY Trained dentist." Shawn Turner
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I went back to this office for my annual check up and few fillings. The new dentist is very thorough and caring. I appreciate the follow up calls to see how if I had any concern. Great service and friendly environment. Highly recommend it to my family and friends." Mike M
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